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Grundstück zum Verkauf, Prekobrđe, Jabuka Rutovića

Typ: Grundstück zum Verkauf
Bezirk: Kolašin
Ort: Prekobrđe, Jabuka Rutovića
Landfläche: 7.000 m2

Beschreibung (Englisch): Location: Jabuka Rutovica, Prekobrdje, municipality Kolasin
Square footage: 7000 sqm
Sales conditions: Compesation possible for the flat/house at the seaside
Price: 15 €/sqm
Ownership: 1/1
About the property:
Property distance from the capital city Podgorica is 38km, distance from the Kolasin is 30km, while property distance from the highway (bridge Pjenavac) is 3km. The road is paved. The altitude is 215m.
The property is provided with wather and electricity.
Along the property flows river Sjevernica (300m) and within a radius of 5 km are located rivers Moraca, Mrtvica and Ibristica. The canyon of the river Sjevernica is one of the least conquered canyons, offers opportunities for rafting, canoe, kayaking, mountaineering and sport fishing. The property has a beach which is accessible from swimming and other sports activities.
Clean air and water offers perfect conditions for fish farming and pond construction. Extremely suitable area for growing organic fruits and vegetables.
Jabuka Rutovica is an ideal place for beekiping and honey making what the households in this village have been doing for generations back. Clean unpolluted air, perfect altitude and variety of herbs make it possible to produce purely organic and high quality honey.

Auflistung von: Anđela
Mobitel verificiran u državi ME: 38267825600

Ausweisnummer: 2135812
Letzte änderung: 10 Sep, 2020
Tags: Immobilien Prekobrđe, Jabuka Rutovića | Zum Verkauf Grundstücke Prekobrđe, Jabuka Rutovića | Immobilien Kolašin | Zum Verkauf Grundstücke Kolašin


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