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Ferienwohnung-appartement, Stari Grad, Beograd, €30

Typ: Ferienwohnung-appartement
Bezirk: Stari Grad
Adresse: Stevana Sremca 2, Beograd, Srbija
Preis: €30
Schlafzimmer: 1
Badezimmer: 1
Wohnfläche: 29 m2

Beschreibung (Englisch): One bedroom apartment Alex Lux is a luxury apartment in the center of Belgrade, suitable for up to three guests. This elegant studio is located near the Botanical Garden, practically behind the famous Atelier 212 theater. The interior is a beautiful salon style and comfort worthy of a higher category hotel. White woodwork combined with turquoise details creates a really impressive ambience. The central position is occupied by a luxurious boudoir with a massive headboard, three pairs of memory foam pillows and a set of towels. The mattress is also made of memory foam. Lighting is provided by wall lamps hanging above the bed. There is a high closet with a sliding door on the side, so that guests have enough space to unpack travel bags and suitcases. We notice an elegant chest of drawers with classic candlesticks and wonderful decorations. The corner of the room is filled with a mini lounge made of upholstered chairs and coffee tables....

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Auflistung von: Nikola Cobic
Mobiltelefon: 381603220921

Ausweisnummer: 2426605 (8011)
Veröffentlicht: 22 Oct, 2020
Letzte änderung: 6 Nov, 2020
Tags: Ferienwohnungen Stari Grad Privat | Ferienwohnungen Beograd Privat


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