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For Sale / Various, Voždovac, Beograd

Type: For Sale / Various
District: Voždovac
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Description: Funeral music is an important part of a complete funeral service. Death is the inevitability of every life. It is precisely the most difficult feeling we will ever face. Although we are aware of the fact that the loss of a loved one is a loss we have to deal with, we cannot accept the fact that nothing is eternal. It hurts the very thought that our loved one has left us forever, that we will never see our favorite face again, hear a voice, see a smile ... In that place comes indescribable sadness, pain ... which we hide deep inside. And as we try to understand that our parent, spouse has left us forever ...., we are waiting for great decisions related to organizing the funeral. Music for funerals has existed since ancient times. Music accompanies funerals throughout history. as well as rich people of higher strata. There is no nation and culture in the world that does not nurture the tradition of the last greeting with honorary music. In Serbia, too, such a way of saying goodbye to a dear person is nurtured. Customs in Serbia include funeral music. It can be with classical funeral marches, old-town melodies, romances, classical music, foreign music. ..Usually it is a brass funeral orchestra or a solo trumpet, violin, choir ... Music at funerals is a special means of expressing pain. It helps us to show our feelings, when we cannot find the right words. Through the familiar tones comes an incredible expression of love and respect for the deceased, in support of his family. In addition to the speech at the funeral, music is the memory of the deceased and it often happens that Since music evokes strong emotions, choose music for funerals with the utmost care.

Music is a significant part of the life of all of us and that is why it is not surprising that an increasing number of people express a desire for their departure to eternal rest to be accompanied by the sounds of a melody that was close to them and which was a significant part of their lives. . If you decide to send them in that spirit, you can invite us if you are in Belgrade, New Belgrade, Zemun, Surcin, Stara Pazova, Nova Pazova, Indjija, Mladenovac, Pancevo, Batajnica, Sabac, Obrenovac, Pozarevac, Smederevo, Novi Banovci, Stari Banovci, Velika Plana, Vrcin, Veliko Gradiste, Golubac, Svilajnac, Despotovac, Mladenovac, Ruma,…
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064 / 39-30-694 063 / 80-88-919 Alexander

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Listed by: Aleksandar Petraš
Upozorenje: Mobitel nije verificiran.
Mobile: +381638088919
Phone: +381643930694

Listing ID: 2417232
Published: 11 Oct, 2020
Last Modified: 25 Sep, 2022

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